Zego Milestones

The Project

Zego Sense uses location and motion data from users’ mobile inbuilt sensors to monitor their driving behaviours whenever they drive. Once users purchase a policy and download the Zego Sense app, they need to allow certain permissions for the app to begin gathering data. The AI picks up metrics like harsh braking and sharp cornering, to generate a driving score on a rolling basis. Users with a good driving score can save up to 20% when renewing their policy.

The Milestones feature within the Sense app is an initiative which aims to encourage use of the app (with the goal of achieving data completeness), by providing little challenges during the app set-up and regular driving. This feature was also our first step towards gamifying the app, process and product.


Zego Milestones


We ran qualitative interviews via remote usertesting.com to find out what milestones would our users expect to see, and how it would add value to them as a driver. We collected a list of potential challenges that we put together in a workshop to scope our potential MVP:

Milestones planning


“I appreciate challenges that make sure that the app is set up correctly” Sam, Sense user

We came up with 3 simple challenges: the Push notification challenges to enable the permissions to send users comms, a Setup challenge to incentivise activating the sensors to share the driving behaviour and a 250 miles driving challenge to unlock the first driving score. The mocks below show how the users first interacted with the new feature, a little tooltip in the dashboard to drag their attention and a welcome explanatory dialog.

Milestones design

“I expect clarity on what each milestone is about, and how can I unlock more of them” John, Sense user

Each challenge is tracked with a wheel that indicates its progression. By tapping the badge in progress, the user is given additional details on the steps required to complete the challenge. Once complete, a confetti animation is shown followed by haptic feedback, and the progress badge updates to the complete status with a green tick.


To enhance the experience I animated the badges of the challenges, from the progress wheel to the challenge complete badge with green confetti and bouncing effects.


Metrics of success

The milestones flow also allows users to send their feedback through a pop up form. One of the main takeaway we received was to incentivise these challenges with rewards. This aspect of the project is currently in progress as we are exploring reward platforms to partner with, which will allow to move milestones into the next level.

Since the launch of the MVP, we registered an increase in conversion rate of 17% in users with the app versions that include the enhancements of the milestone feature. In addition, we registered a huge growth in app launches demonstrating a strong interest for the new gamified challenges.